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Before finding God, I was a good heathen. A pretty good one, if I say so myself. My life was not lived for God but for me. In the summer of 2006, after a failed marriage, I began reading the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, at the persistence of my girlfriend.

It changed everything. Instead of seeing the horror of the End Times (and believe me, it is some pretty scary stuff. Scarier then any other book I can read on the market--my apologies to Mr. king--), I saw the amazing love that God has for us and how much he wanted to give me just for choosing to love him and accept his wonderful gift of salvation.

Well, my girlfriend became my wife, and thanks to her, I gave my life to Jesus and found myself wanting to live a life that He would be proud of. My new work (published now as Jerry instead of S.J.) shows that being a christian doesn't mean being boring. I like to think my stories are still as scary, as strange and as funny. Just without all those bad words.

If you are struggling with things in your life, I urge you to read a bible and get into a one-to-one chat with God. thanks and God bless.

Are You Ready?

If you would like to be saved, then pray this simple prayer.

Dear God, I believe with all of my heart, mind and soul
that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
I believe that He was born of the Virgin Mary,
and that He died on the cross,
that His blood was shed for my sins
and that three days later He arose from the dead.
I confess that I am a sinner and I ask for your forgiveness for these sins.
I now ask Jesus to come into my heart.
Be my Savior. Be the Lord of my life.
Thank you,
in Jesus mighty name I pray.

If you've just prayed the Salvation Prayer, then welcome to your new life in Christ Jesus! Tell your friends about Jesus and what He can do for them.